Keep sewage out of Puget Sound


Tell the EPA you support creating a No Discharge Zone for Puget Sound to protect public health.

Puget Sound’s distinct geography makes it uniquely sensitive to pollution. Sewage from vessels in the Sound can affect water quality and pose a risk to both public health and marine life.

The EPA is poised to make its final decision about whether to create a No-Discharge Zone for Puget Sound, and needs to hear our support for this important protection.

*** Use this link to leave a public comment by December 7: ***

Below is some sample language, but PLEASE PERSONALIZE YOUR COMMENT as best you can.

If you have relevant professional background, make sure you include that in your comment. If you have a personal connection to this issue (for example, are you a boat owner?), please include that connection.

Sample comment:

I support the creation of a No Discharge Zone for Puget Sound as requested by the Washington Department of Ecology. Creating such a zone will protect public health and marine life from the bacteria and other impurities found in sewage.

Creating such a zone would not pose adverse limitations on private or commercial vessels. There are currently more pumpout stations in the Sound than required by No Discharge Zone guidelines, and there is funding available to continue to add stations.

As a citizen of Puget Sound, I believe that the NDZ is a critical step to protect our waterways from degradation, recover endangered species and protect human health. Puget Sound bears the burden of pollution from many sources. No Discharge Zones across the country have been highly successful in protecting waterways. It’s past time to grant the Sound this important and common-sense protection.

*** Lastly, be sure to post a reply here after you leave a comment so we can track our impact and celebrate your efforts! ***


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