Thank Sen. Cantwell for supporting the Conservation Fund

mount_rainier_national_park_bannerCall Senator Maria Cantwell to thank her for fighting for permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), and to urge her to keep up her efforts in the new Congress.

The LWCF is a 50-year conservation success story that invests in open spaces, wildlife habitat, and outdoor recreation opportunities like parks and trails–both across the country and throughout Washington State.

The program is designed to receive $900 million each year from offshore oil and gas revenues, not taxpayer dollars. Year after year, Congress diverts most of these funds for purposes unrelated to conservation.

Senator Cantwell has been fighting for legislation to fully fund and permanently authorize the LWCF. Let’s add our voices to help her keep going in the new Congress that starts in January.

** Call Senator Cantwell’s office at (206) 220-6400 to thank her for her efforts **

Sample script when you reach a staffer:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Senator Cantwell’s, and I’d like to leave a message for her.”

“Please tell Senator Cantwell thank you for her efforts to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund. I’m calling to urge her to continue the fight in the new Congress that starts in January.”

“As a Washingtonian, the Conservation Fund is important to me because…” (it protects wildlife habitat, it invests in National Parks like Mt. Rainier, etc.)

The friendly staffer will likely ask for your name and possibly your address so the Senator can send you a reply. That’s it! You’re done!

** After you leave your message, be sure to post a reply here so we can track our impact and celebrate your efforts! **


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